Nikki Crockett Photography

Nikki Crockett Photography

Friday, March 23, 2012

Shay Newborn Session

I spent my afternoon with this wonderful mama of three! These guys live in this amazing farm house with so many great spots outside on their property. Unfortunately it was a bit brisk so I couldn't take advantage of her amazing front porch or the chicken coop outside in fear of the newest member turning into a popsicle. But in any case...the little man was a trooper, I tell ya. He was shlepped from here to there and everywhere, didn't sleep 2 seconds the entire the session and didn't make a peep!! And look at that big brother and big sister. So cute and just adoring him like crazy. Thanks Shay family for welcoming me in to your bit of chaos and introducing me to your little Liam. :)))







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