Nikki Crockett Photography

Nikki Crockett Photography

Monday, September 30, 2013

Archie Cementina: Newborn Session

This little man was the sleepiest newborn I have ever photographed. At one point we tried everything we could to wake him up and he still wanted to fall right back to sleep! Congrats, Jacob and Jenette...I am excited for your beautiful little pumpkin and know that you will be so blessed by each and every little milestone. IMG_6907 IMG_6942IMG_6865IMG_6841IMG_6831IMG_6824IMG_6819IMG_7016IMG_6986IMG_6798

Monday, September 16, 2013

Back in Business!

After what feels like months of not having internet access because of our recent move I'm back! Here's a sneak peak from a newborn session that I had several weeks ago. One of the cutest babies I have ever photographed and this kid was a peach. IMG_6834

Saturday, July 27, 2013

It's the return of the Oswald Family!

We have known Mike and Julie for almost as long as we have lived in San Diego. I have photographed their family before as a family of 4 and photographed their newest little addition when he was right out of the oven. And now I got to photograph their entire family, while Julie's sweet Mom and Dad were in town from Canada. I'd be lying if I said that this session was a piece of cake. Three silly boys with minds of their own and a lot of people to work with, but I think we pulled it off! Here are some of my favorites...enjoy! IMG_6459 IMG_6391 IMG_6371 IMG_6331 IMG_6260 IMG_6206 IMG_6500

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Wedding Day: Rancho Bernardo Winery

I joined Fabienne Naamo Photography at the Rancho Bernardo Winery a few weeks ago for this fun group on a very hot humid San Diego day. The Winery is one of my favorite locations to shoot. We had a perfect day and plenty of time to take advantage of this amazing venue. Here are a few of my favorites from the afternoon. A IMG_5623 IMG_5684 IMG_5695 IMG_5690 IMG_5777 IMG_5744 IMG_5672 IMG_5658 IMG_5945 IMG_5858 IMG_5947 IMG_5954

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Newborn Session: The Ramm Family

Newborn sessions are flying around like hot cakes around here...and they just so happen to be my favorite thing to shoot so yay me. Woo hoo! Say hello to the Ramm family...I met these guys last year when their oldest son was in my son's pre-K class. Suzanne is super duper sweet and her boys just so happen to be on my kid's top 5 favorites list. Despite a very awake little newborn and 2 little brothers that had a serious case of the sillies during our session we made it happen. Happy looking. :) IMG_5257 IMG_5236 IMG_5216 IMG_5185 IMG_5180 IMG_5167 IMG_5155 IMG_5141 IMG_5084 IMG_5048 IMG_5053

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Family Session: The Evans Family

I have had the privilege of photographing these guys three times. A newborn session with Charlee, a year old session with Charlee and now a family session while Corri's Mom was in town. This session was packed with everything from squeals of joy, to cries of sadness. These 2 were busy little beavers and were especially not interested in being busy beavers together with anyone else. Good thing I wore my running shoes and put on my silly pants. Despite their own interest in going on their own adventures I did capture some cuteness! IMG_4714 IMG_4801 IMG_4765 IMG_4600 IMG_4797