Nikki Crockett Photography

Nikki Crockett Photography

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

One year mini session!

You really can't go wrong photographing a one year old. At the end you have authentic photos wether they are jumping for joy or screaming in frustration. I think that's why I LOVE photographing this age. You really do capture them as they are. They aren't pretending to smile and they aren't posing in any way....they are just being who they are. Cute. Little. Niblets. Like Soraya! I really could just eat this little lady right up. She loved the lens being in her face, she was super silly and just loved our little outdoor adventure. I had so much fun that I lost track of the time and our 30 minute session turned into more like an hour long session. Thanks, Heather for a fun morning. I LOVED hanging with you and your daughter. She's an absolute treasure!!! IMG_3551 IMG_3548 IMG_3540 IMG_3539 IMG_3505 IMG_3506 IMG_3494 IMG_3491 IMG_3481


  1. I love these!! The little hand showing through the bucket! Oh my goodness!! The eyelashes so did you capture that with an enthusiastic little lady? What talent!

    1. Just am seeing this comment right now. Thanks for the love, Lisa! :)